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The Jewel Moments of Business

by Tia

The jewel moments of business aren’t our day-to-day moments in business, it’s those moments we look back to and see that we stroke something for the business through them. It’s those exceptional moments that define the growth, the impact and the success of the business.

These moments encompass things like innovation, planning, strategy and resilience. One of the most significant jewel moments in business is the successful launch of a groundbreaking product or service. This kind of innovation doesn’t only set the company apart from competitors, but it also meets a critical need in the market. For example, Apple’s introduction of the iphone in 2007 is a prime example. When you hit the right market, with the right product, with the product overlapping to a demographic that wasn’t even originally targeted.

A smart move of the company will always revolutionalise it’s industry and redefine how customers interact with what is offered.

Sometimes this can also come in a partnership and collaboration form. Forming strategic partnerships and collaborations is a game-changer for business. Sometimes you can only achieve high-standard end- product of what you truly want when you team up with other businesses. At the end of the day, you get to even collaborate on your audience level, and you can reach new-markets and expand as a business.

Another jewel moments that most companies may still overlook is being accountable to the community and taking care of it. Being intentional with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects doesn’t just focus on the CEO alone, but it takes determined hearts in the office, employees to make sure projects are ran and driven well to reach a satisfying goal and make a purposeful change.

A company can make sure it uses the simplest jewel business moments by making sure that all their employees serve from the heart, not as if they are forced to be of service. How you present yourself at work can be a turning moment that makes a company shine hence driving more sales and bringing new customers because of it’s service. Good service is what people want more than anything.

Though businesses are on about financial success, it’s also about leaving a lasting legacy, thinking of moments that contribute to that, and setting the company standards high, meeting it’s vision, mission and goals well. Play a good part and commit to doing your utmost best as an individual and in teamwork projects.

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