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Scaling New Heights: Manaslu 8136m Expedition Transforming Lives of South African Youth

by Media Xpose

Embarking on a remarkable endeavour, Angela Yeung, the visionary founder of the Impilo Collection Foundation and the ambassador of brand South Africa – play your part, is gearing up for an extraordinary climb up the daunting Manaslu, standing tall at 8,136 meters. This challenge surpasses her previous triumph on the Island Peak at 6,200 meters last year.

Manaslu, dubbed the “mountain of the spirit,” graces the ranks as the eighth-highest peak globally, nestled within Nepal’s majestic Himalayas. The mountain’s name is rooted in the Sanskrit term “manasa,” signifying “intellect” or “soul.”

The driving force behind Angela’s ascent is a compelling mission – to spotlight and combat the harrowing issue of gender-based violence (GBV). Angela’s daring expedition aims to channel funds towards an educational sanctuary that will empower and uplift young women who have faced the brunt of GBV.

“Angela declares, “We face a mountain to climb, one that symbolizes the path to women’s empowerment through education. This journey is the stepping stone to independence and self-reliance.”

Partnering with The Sherpa Legends, including the illustrious Mingma Chhiri Sherpa, who has conquered Everest six times and Manaslu thrice, Angela seeks to leverage her climb’s impact and inspire change.

Impilo Collection Foundation has already demonstrated its prowess in addressing GBV through its #EmpowerHer campaign, a testament to its dedication. The campaign’s impactful display of 6,200 bras at Johannesburg’s Constitution Hill and subsequent distribution to GBV shelters during International Women’s Month 2022 has left a lasting impact.

Intriguingly, the collection of 8,848 bras – representing the height of Mount Everest – is a novel pursuit of social warriors who stand resolute against GBV.

Angela’s philanthropic accomplishments are noteworthy, with this marking her fourth fundraising climb. Her vision transcends personal achievements, aiming to establish an annual drive for essentials like bras and sanitary pads. Collaborating with fellow mountaineers, Angela endeavors to cast awareness amidst the clouds.

The ascent is scheduled from September 1st to October 5th, held in collaboration with esteemed international brands such as Cathay Pacific, GoPro, Sisley Paris, and Zara Wellness. A thrilling revelation is Angela’s plan to carry their logos and the South African flag to the summit of Manaslu, elevating them beyond the reach of ordinary planes.

Most notably, Angela’s determination and courage could lead to a historic achievement. Should Angela summit at the highest point on Manaslu, she will become the first woman from South Africa to achieve this feat. In recent times, many climbers have chosen to ascend only after the confirmation of the summit by the renowned Mingma G.

Angela’s unwavering dedication is evident, having invested 630 hours in rigorous training and traversed a staggering 540 kilometres in preparation for the climb. While Angela has already injected substantial funding, the centre’s construction necessitates further contributions.

Angela emphasizes, “Our quest for an anti-GBV education centre demands the collective efforts of supporters, followers, climbers, and allies. Together, we will make this vision a reality.”

Generous benefactors will be commemorated with a keepsake symbolizing the metaphorical mountains scaled together.

Donations can be made at https://www.givengain.com/ap/angela-yeung-raising-funds-for-impilo-collection-foundation-63526/#updates towards the anti-GBV education centre and bras can be dropped off at one of the collection points.  Please visit https://impilofoundation.org/ for further information.

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