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Navigate, Connect and Play Instantly with the HUAWEI nova Y72’s New X Button

by Tia

Imagine transforming your smartphone into a more intuitive extension of yourself with just the press of a button: the HUAWEI nova Y72 makes this a reality with its new X Button. The launch of the HUAWEI nova Y72 brings with it a new feature designed to enhance user interaction and accessibility, the X Button. This feature is another bold move in HUAWEI’s dedication to innovation, aiming to simplify the smartphone experience while improving efficiency and convenience. Located on the left-hand side of the device, the HUAWEI nova Y72’s X Button is ingeniously integrated into the smartphone’s sleek design, offering users a novel way to interact with their device.

How the X Button Works

The X Button is more than just a physical button, it’s a customisable shortcut that dramatically reduces the steps needed to access your favourite apps and features. It operates on simple gestures such as a single click, double click and a long press, each configurable to launch different applications or functions based on the user’s preference.

Single Click

A single click on the HUAWEI nova Y72’s X Button brings up a customisable menu of frequently used apps, enabling users to organise their most needed apps for quick access. This menu can be personalised, offering a tailored experience that aligns with the user’s daily activities and preferences.

Double Click

The double-click action is designed for immediate access to an application or feature deemed essential by the user. This could be the camera, a messaging app, a navigation app or any other app that requires swift access.

Long Press

The long press feature offers an additional layer of customisation, enabling users to assign an additional specific app or function that might be used less frequently but is just as important, warranting the need for a shortcut.

Setting Up the X Button for Navigation

Integrating Google Maps or your navigation application of choice, with the X Button, is just one example of the convenience and efficiency HUAWEI aims to provide with the HUAWEI Nova 72. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Access X Button Settings: Navigate to the X Button settings menu with a single click on the button (found on the left side of the device). This will bring up the default menu.

2. Customise Your Clicks: In the X Button settings, you can assign actions to single click, double click and long press. Select the action you wish to use for your maps app. For example, assign Google Maps to the double-click action for quick access.

3. Select Your Maps App: After choosing which click action to customise, you’ll be prompted to select an app to associate with that action. Scroll through the list of available apps and select your preferred app. With certain apps, you can choose a specific action within the app, navigating directly to the command you want to use instead of simply opening the app. For example, opening the search function in your App Store and not just the store itself.

4. Confirm Your Settings: Once you’ve selected your preferred maps app for the desired action, confirm your settings. The X Button is now configured to open the app with the specified click action.

Test It Out: Give it a try! If you’ve set Google Maps to launch with a double click, press the X Button twice quickly. Google Maps should open, ready for use.

The Benefits of Using the X Button with Map Apps

Integrating navigation apps with the X Button provides users with unparalleled convenience for navigation, one of the most frequently used apps for road warrior South Africans. These benefits include:

·       Safety on the Go: Quickly access your maps app or Google Maps with the X Button to safely navigate to your destination without taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel to search for and open the app, reducing distractions and enhancing road safety.

·       Instant Access: Launch maps instantly, whether you’re in a hurry to find directions or need to check traffic conditions quickly.

·       Enhanced Efficiency: Saves time by reducing the need to unlock your phone, find the maps app, and open it manually.

·       Customised Usability: Tailor the X Button to fit your travel habits, whether you’re a frequent commuter, a travel enthusiast or love exploring new places.

The X Button on the HUAWEI Nova Y72 represents a remarkable development in smartphone design, focusing on user convenience and efficiency. By customising the X Button to work with maps (or any app for that matter), users gain a tool that simplifies navigation and enhances the overall smartphone experience, making everyday tasks more accessible and enjoyable.

The HUAWEI nova Y72 is now available in South Africa on the HUAWEI online store and all operator channels across South Africa.

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