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Making IT asset disposition sustainable

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by Xperien CEO Wale Arewa

eWaste is the world’s fastest-growing solid-waste stream, increasing at a rate three times faster than general waste. This has resulted in a change in market sentiment towards refurbished products, a process that extends the usable life of redundant IT equipment and reduces their environmental footprint.

It is therefore important for organisations to develop the best asset value recovery approach for the disposal of their old IT equipment, it can either be refurbished or dismantled for recycling. Reselling refurbished equipment not only increases the return on investment, but also reduces the overall ecological impact.

It is especially importantly in the current economic climate, where access to technology has become critical. Refurbished electronics provide economically deprived communities with affordable technology that can be used for education, business and social interaction.

An IT asset management and disposition program goes well beyond environmental concerns, it must make good business sense as well. It should take a comprehensive approach, from what equipment the organisation purchases to how they dispose of redundant assets.

The need to properly manage and recycle this waste offers business leaders the opportunity to transform their throwaway culture. An IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program is an excellent way to contribute to these sustainability goals and help solve this worldwide problem.

Purchase sustainable products

Businesses need to examine their procurement approaches because environmental issues are becoming a key buying decision for modern consumers. In short, they want to understand what they are buying and how it was built.

Promote reuse initiatives

Environmentally conscious businesses should promote reuse as the first option because manufacturing new products require materials and energy. These materials need to be extracted from the earth, the products need to be fabricated and then transported to warehouses.

Electronic devices normally have a lifespan of 10 years and most corporate refreshes happen every 3 years. This means equipment have at least another 7 years of useful life. So, the easiest way for these corporates to become more sustainable and to save money at the same time, is by reusing their own electronics before they become waste.

The best way to promote a reuse culture is to incentivise these programmes. After all, it also makes financial sense. Studies show that by extending a technology refresh by one year could save a company in the region of 5% of its annual revenue.

Donations to staff and charities are another way to extend the life of equipment. However, corporates need to partner with a refurbishing company to ensure equipment is prepared for reuse.


Electronics should be properly recycled once reuse is no longer an option. This is an essential way to improve sustainability goals. It is critical to choose a ITAD partner with the necessary certifications, this will ensure that the equipment is being disposed in a responsible manner, but also in line with environmental regulations. More importantly, it will ensure the processing of all data-containing devices in a secure manner.

These certifications prove that the ITAD partner adheres to industry standards, procedures and regulations. To ensure IT equipment and data is being recycled properly, businesses need an ITAD partner that can deliver real-time access and complete visibility into the entire downstream process. This means they need to provide audited reports showing data such as weights and locations of equipment that are reused, resold, donated or recycled.

Reputable resellers of refurbished equipment ensure electronics are sold in a like-new condition. Buying refurbished is an eco-friendlier option and this equipment costs substantially less than new, allowing businesses to stretch their budget further. This will also enable them to deploy higher-spec equipment than their budget would normally afford if buying new.

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Join the Circular Economy – Reducing the global e-waste problem and optimising the lifecycle of IT hardware.

Xperien (Pty) Ltd is a leading South African IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company. We are a passionate team of professionals who care about our planet, its people and its resources. From humble beginnings 21 years ago as a used computer dealer, we strive to make our contribution by redefining the way corporations use IT hardware. We provide our clients with secure ITAD services and have obtained ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accreditations specifically for ITAD.

Our value proposition is to protect our clients’ personal information and intellectual property that resides on their computers during technology changes and at end-of-service. We manage our client’s enterprise and desktop infrastructure in a sustainable manner – across the globe. Logistical solutions are tailored to cater for our clients’ geographical spread and to negate the ever-present risk of hard-drive theft from dispositioned computers.

Xperien provides cost-effective solutions to combat the challenges associated with data loss and to mitigate reputational risk. Our compliance meets the NIST 800-88, DoD 5220.22-M and CEGS criteria, particularly in terms of data-destruction processes, while adherence to the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013 (POPIA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is core to our business.

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