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Jacaranda FM Remains One Of Mzansi’s Favourite Radio Stations With 3 SA Radio Awards

by Tia
  1. Hall of Fame inductee: Mr Andrew Pike, Head of technical at Jacaranda FM
  2. Award: Best Commercial Breakfast Show, Breakfast with Martin Bester 
  3. Award: Station Imaging 

Jacaranda FM walked away with three awards at the weekend’s Gala awards ceremony on 2 December 2023.

Jacaranda FM and The Radio Awards paid homage to Andrew Pike as he was inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame. Andrew joined Jacaranda FM in 1988 where he helped build the first studio since SABC independence and learned how to manage Outside Broadcasts through trail and error.  

Remember that King Koil mattress on the billboard where the breakfast team were broadcasting from? That was possible due to Andrew’s technical genius!

Andrew also pioneered the first fully digital studio for Jacaranda FM (remote control was very funky in late 90’s), and the first split advertising broadcast for regional areas in 2001 and it was built entirely from scratch.

“In every sense, Andrew is part of the DNA and every broadcast element at Jacaranda FM. For 36 years he has dedicated his career to making Jacaranda FM what it is today!” says Deidre King, Jacaranda FM Managing Director appreciatively.

Mzansi’s early risers couldn’t get enough as Martin Bester walked away with Best Commercial Breakfast Show. The show has amassed over 4.5 million page views on the website and over 350 000 audio on demand downloads, with millions of views on TikTok and Instagram.

“We have the most dedicated team and we are all truly grateful to have such rich and rewarding jobs.  Our listeners are such dynamic, open-hearted people and that’s what we try mirror in our content and ability to use our platform for good through Good Morning Angels,” comments Martin Bester, host of Breakfast with Martin Bester.

Jacaranda FM was awarded with Best Station Imaging Award for their innovative creation and use of audio elements that help define the Jacaranda FM sound. Imaging includes various elements such as jingles and other sound effects that contribute to the overall identity of the station. These elements are carefully crafted to create a cohesive, memorable, and seamless audio experience for listeners.

“We’re elated to see Martin Betser and Andrew Pike up there with the best radio talent Mzansi has to offer! We appreciate every single vote, and take great pride in being able to say we are one of the most engaging and beloved radio stations in the country” adds King. 

To see a full list of the award winners, visit www.radioawards.co.za.

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