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Inspired Build 2023: Reddam House Bedfordview Dominates Global Inter-School Technology Challenge

by Media Xpose

In a dazzling display of technological prowess, Reddam House Bedfordview has emerged as a beacon of innovation at the Inspired Build 2023, a premier global inter-school technology challenge. Amidst fierce competition spanning 111 schools in 24 countries across five continents, Reddam House Bedfordview clinched awards in a remarkable three of the six age categories, underscoring the talent within its walls and the school’s focus on technology in its curriculum.

In the global arena of school-based technological innovation, Inspired Build is regarded as the premier inter-school technology challenge. The competition challenges young innovators aged 7 to 13 to design and create robots under a different theme each year. This year, the spotlight was on ‘Environmental Innovation’, pushing young minds to address pressing issues such as waste reduction, energy efficiency, and resource conservation. The competition, hosted by the illustrious St. Louis School of Milan, received close to 100 robot entries in each age category.

The winning entries from Reddam House Bedfordview are:

  • Age 9-10 category: ‘Waste Monster’, an aquatic marvel by Songman Yin and Christian Tallarico, dedicated to clearing the oceans of floating trash.
  • Age 10-11 category: Leeya Mayet’s ‘Rainbow Paper Scraper’, a land-based solution designed to gather waste paper.
  • Age 11-12 category: The ‘Blue Crane’, a brainchild of Kian Bageloo and Michael Cole, a magnetic crane adept at segregating metals from waste.

Brenda Kahl, Head of Grade 4 Science & Robotics at Reddam House Bedfordview, comments, “The first step in solving global problems, like improving the environment, involves wild and out-of-the-box brainstorming. It is pivotal for students to realise that no challenge is insurmountable; some may just require extra effort. Our young robot builders have embraced this mindset, showcasing tremendous creativity and determination.”

A sixth student who propelled South Africa into the global robotics spotlight was Lesedi Moloi from Reddford House Blue Hills. Competing in the Age 11-12 category, Lesedi, designed an innovative robotics sorter. This brilliant piece of tech efficiently organises rubbish (in the form of Lego blocks) into various recycle categories. Reflecting on this achievement, Michael Maher, Robotics Teacher from Reddford House Blue Hills, a school that has featured in the top placements for three consecutive years, remarked, “Lesedi’s work is a shining example of technical acumen and environmental awareness. Her ability to seamlessly code and execute the robot’s function left us all in awe.”

The Inspired Build Challenge is a testament to Inspired’s education approach, emphasising lateral thinking, comprehensive understanding, and practical application. Such a foundation promises students a bright future in the fast-evolving STEM sectors.

For more information, visit https://inspirededu.com/our-schools/ and click on Africa & Middle East link.

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