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Initiative launched to address student wellbeing

Finally, support for students to thrive academically, emotionally and physically

by Tia

A groundbreaking healthcare programme which is set to boost student well-being has kicked off at Eduvos campuses countrywide. This forward-thinking initiative is set to address the intricate dynamic between students’ mental and physical health needs, signalling a transformative shift in the university’s approach to holistic student support.

Amidst a global surge in mental health challenges and in light of alarming statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicating suicide as the second leading cause of death among 15 to 29-year-olds, the imperative to address mental healthcare issues has never been more pressing. Recognising the profound impact of mental health on all facets of life, the need for an integrated, holistic strategy has emerged as paramount.

Dr Riaan Steenberg, Executive Director at Eduvos, affirmed the institution’s commitment to meeting this critical need for comprehensive student support by partnering with leading multi-national full-service healthcare management company Universal Healthcare for the rollout of a tailored healthcare programme designed to address the intersection of mental and physical healthcare needs seamlessly.

“The progressive programme, aptly named u360™, will be deployed campus-wide, harnessing cutting-edge technologies and wellness counselling support services in all 11 official languages to equip all students with the tools necessary to excel,” stated Dr Steenberg. “By acknowledging the unique challenges confronting today’s students, Eduvos endeavours to redefine the landscape of student wellbeing in higher education.”

Dr Johan Pretorius, Group Chief Executive Officer of Universal Healthcare, underscored the significance of this initiative: “The u360™ programme represents a tried-and-tested model which is a highly adaptable, innovative solution designed to meet the demands of today’s high-pressure environment.

“The well-established elements comprising the service are underpinned by innovative new technology, and the service offering is packaged more effectively. More importantly, it has multiple applications to meet a diverse population’s health and wellbeing needs, where mental and physical wellbeing are intrinsically linked.

“The programme seamlessly integrates five key service offerings, catering directly to the needs of the modern, tech-inclined healthcare consumer. From the convenience of the uWellness™ app, providing around-the-clock wellness support, to discounted virtual consultations through uConsult™, thereby revolutionising wellbeing on every level,” explains Dr Pretorius.

In pursuit of ultimate accessibility, the u360™service offering also introduces mediBucks, a “healthcare payment Top-Up solution” providing seamless access to affordable pre-negotiated medical consultations alongside discounted sessions with psychosocial counselling providers. Furthermore, the Universal Rewards programme incentivises holistic health with discounts on gym memberships and healthy eating plans.

At the heart of the experience lies the Universal.one App, a centralised gateway to unlock all services. With seamless integration and intuitive navigation, the app ensures instant access to a range of innovative offerings, promoting optimal health and wellness.

This comprehensive wellness app transcends the ordinary, addressing all eight dimensions of wellness – emotional, physical, intellectual, social, occupational, financial, spiritual and environmental. Packed with the latest research, uWellness™ offers a holistic, interactive approach to total wellbeing, including daily wellness tips, a mood checker, emergency contacts, self-assessments, calculators, health guides and a breathing coach for relaxation. “We firmly believe that the newly introduced programme will revolutionise student wellbeing. The Eduvos and Universal Healthcare partnership underscores our steadfast commitment to providing comprehensive support both inside and outside the academic environment,” concludes Dr Steenberg.

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