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From South Africa to the world: Reddam House Umhlanga students’ unforgettable journeys

by Tia

Umhlanga, November 2023 – It’s a tale of global exploration, academic growth, and unforgettable experiences as seven students from Reddam House Umhlanga, part of the Inspired Education Group, embarked on international adventures that enriched their lives. The Inspired Education Group is a global network of 111 premium independent schools operating in 24 countries across Europe, Asia-Africa, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Scoring Goals at the International Football Camp

A group of four soccer enthusiasts from Reddam House Umhlanga – Darius and Cyrus Hendriks, Luke Besnard, and Shea McAlery – set off for a two-week football camp at King’s College Soto De Vinuelas in Madrid. Their adventure included not only honing their football skills but also a thrilling tour of the Real Madrid stadium.

Luke Besnard, one of the football camp attendees, saw the camp as an opportunity to explore the world, meet new people, and learn valuable life lessons. He emphasised the growth in his independence, responsibility, and leadership skills. Luke shared, “Being away from and traveling without my parents for two weeks in a new country was really tough but it was something I overcame, and it made me realise the responsibilities I had to shoulder when they weren’t there. Also, the camp director recognised my leadership skills, which has motivated me to continue developing them every single day.”

Shea McAlery, another football camp participant, stressed the importance of gratitude and exploration. His takeaway was simple yet profound: “Life isn’t that long, so try to explore as much as possible.”

The Hendriks brothers, Darius and Cyrus, cherished their football camp experience. Their highlight was forming friendships with peers from diverse backgrounds, strengthening their interpersonal skills, and deepening their connections.

Micky Dominguez, Residential Director of the King’s College Summer Camps and Head of Pastoral Care and Safeguarding Lead at King’s Infant School, The British School of Madrid, commended the Reddam House Umhlanga students, saying, “Their exceptional manners and enthusiastic engagement in camp activities set a commendable example for their peers and our staff alike. Their leadership qualities shone brightly, as they not only participated actively but also demonstrated remarkable leadership skills that influenced and inspired their fellow campers. Throughout their time here, they consistently exhibited values that resonate deeply with us: a genuine respect for diversity, a genuine enthusiasm for languages, and an unwavering resilience in embracing the challenges of their Spanish adventure.”

Exploring High Fashion in Milan

Maddalena French, a Grade 10 student from Reddam House Umhlanga, explored the world of fashion in Milan, Italy. Her journey took her to the International School of Milan, where she passionately delved into fashion design. Maddalena was thrilled to create her very own fashion garment, and she described the excursion days to museums, the water park, Lake Como, the Prada foundation, Milan city centre, and China Town as the highlights of her trip.

Global Exchanges: Expanding Horizons

Two Grade 10 students, Joshua Byerley and Sarah Capazorio, also ventured abroad for six-week international exchanges filled with new experiences and friendships.

Joshua attended Fulham School in the UK. His adventure included staying with a French couple who ensured his safe commute to and from school each day. However, the real icing on the cake was watching a Liverpool game at the legendary Anfield stadium.

Sarah set her sights on Vietnam, where she joined the Australian International School. To her amazement, she found herself sharing a boarding room with another South African Reddam House student, Amelie, who was also a part of the Inspired Global Exchange programme. Commenting on whether she feels the experience has changed her, Sarah says, “I feel more mature and understanding of the world. This taste of independence feels as if it has both matured me and changed my perspective and confidence.”

Reddam House Umhlanga’s Executive Head, Adam Rogers, emphasised the value of these global experiences, saying, “These international adventures have instilled newfound confidence and a broader global perspective in our students. The value of belonging to an international education group can’t be overstated, as students can gain real life experience, grow personally and develop life skills that will stand them in good stead in their future careers and lives.”

Inspired Education Group focuses on providing a well-rounded education that emphasises academic excellence, character development, and a global perspective. Their schools offer a wide range of academic programmes, extracurricular activities, and opportunities for students to develop essential skills and values. Their commitment to quality education and their international network of schools has made them a prominent player in the global education landscape, preparing students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

For more information, visit https://inspirededu.com/our-schools/ and click on Africa & Middle East link.

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