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Unlocking job opportunities to beat back rising unemployment in South Africa

By Quintus Sliep, Managing Director of Worldwide Staffing

by Tia

South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, including a staggering number of unemployed youths, which has resulted from a combination of various factors. From global uncertainty and an economic downturn to a growing mismatch between skills and demand, our unemployment rate continues to rise, having significant impact on our economic growth.

Although our government has taken steps to address unemployment, it is critical that every business, industry, and sector acknowledge that we all have a part to play in turning the tide on this growing crisis. Temporary Employment Services (TES) providers can play a key role in facilitating the integration of people across sectors, through skills and development initiatives that focus on training and equipping the workforce for every industry.

Mutually beneficial arrangements

Temporary Employment Services (TES) providers offer many benefits for both employees and employers. For employees, TES provides flexibility, job security, career growth, networking opportunities, a consistent source of income, and the option for short-term commitments. This type of employment allows workers to work on a project-by-project basis, giving them the freedom to take on different types of projects and gain a variety of experiences. This can be particularly beneficial for those who are looking for a change in their career or want to gain experience in a new field.

Networking opportunities are another benefit of temporary employment services, as they provide employees with the opportunity to work with different people and companies, leading to potential future job opportunities. TES providers also offer hope and encouragement to the thousands of unemployed and discouraged work-seekers, by assisting them access to the labour market and gain skills and experience to make them more employable. 

Outsourcing labour through TES providers can also be more beneficial for employers than keeping their staffing in-house.  TES providers have specialised recruitment procedures to efficiently locate skilled workers, thereby reducing companies’ expenditure on time and money, particularly when contrasted with the expenses associated with hiring and training permanent staff. Additionally, TES providers can help companies scale their workforce up or down quickly to match changes in demand or project requirements, providing greater workforce flexibility.

The flexibility that TES providers offer could be a key factor in successfully navigating the strained and uncertain economy.  Outsourcing labour also eliminates the need for long-term commitments and overhead costs associated with permanent hires. This is particularly beneficial for companies that have fluctuating staffing needs or project-based work.

Connecting workers with work and employers with staff

In the face of rampant unemployment in South Africa, Temporary Employment Services (TES) emerge as a pivotal solution, providing a strategic avenue for companies to contribute to job creation and economic growth. With a staggering unemployment rate, TES offers a dynamic approach that benefits both employers and job seekers.

TES acts as a bridge, connecting businesses with a flexible workforce while simultaneously offering job seekers opportunities for employment. The symbiotic relationship between companies and TES fosters a more agile and responsive labour market, addressing the pressing issue of unemployment. By engaging with TES, companies not only fulfil immediate staffing needs but also play a crucial role in uplifting communities by providing job opportunities and contributing to the economic empowerment of individuals.

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