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by Tia

21st Century, a leading Business and People Solutions consultancy, has announced the successful launch and completion of its Emerging Leadership Program (ELP), aimed at ensuring a robust succession plan for the company’s Executive Leadership Team (Exco).

The Emerging Leadership Program, a year-long initiative consisting of 11 modules, was meticulously crafted to equip emerging leaders with the necessary skills and competencies required for future Exco positions. The brainchild of CEO, Dr. Chris Blair, spearheaded by an external service provider specialising in executive talent development, the program covered a comprehensive range of both hard and soft skills essential for effective leadership.

Commenting on the program, Blair, CEO of 21st Century, highlighted its significance, stating, “The Emerging Leadership Program was designed with a clear purpose – to cultivate a pipeline of talented leaders who can seamlessly transition into Exco roles over the next five years. It’s imperative for the sustainability and growth of our organisation to invest in developing our future leaders.”

Participants in the program were carefully selected based on specific criteria, including being under 40 and demonstrating potential for advancement to Exco positions. The inaugural cohort comprised nine outstanding individuals:

· Ntombizone Feni

· Jaen Beelders

· Sive Nodada

· Smangele Maphanga

· Vuyelwa Dantjie

· Tarryn Gandy

· Karessa Viranna

· Leanne Visser

· Chimone Zaayman

To successfully graduate from the program, participants were required to achieve 100% attendance in each module and demonstrate significant development, progressing from a ‘red’ or ‘orange’ status to a ‘green’ status by the program’s conclusion. Additionally, participants engaged in projects focused on innovation, revenue generation, and social impact, further enhancing their leadership capabilities.

Blair emphasised the ongoing commitment to the development of the program graduates, stating, “Our graduates will continue to receive mentorship from their direct managers, as well as access to our employee assistance program, which addresses their holistic well-being.”

Aligned with 21st Century’s strategic goals and vision to be a globally recognised HR consultancy with happy employees, the Emerging Leadership Program plays a pivotal role in fostering a diverse and inclusive leadership pipeline within the organisation. By nurturing emerging leaders with diverse skill sets and mentalities, 21st Century ensures the preservation of its inclusive culture.

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