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Yes! If you are reading this, you are an answer to youth unemployment whether you have already figured it out or not. Youth unemployment is still a pressing issue in South Africa, with millions of young people struggling to find stable employment opportunities. In 2022, the unemployment rate was sitting at 51.52%

Unemployment is a problem that also affects organisations, communities and societies as a whole, all these have the potential to be part of the solution by playing a vital role that can benefit the youth by being the answer to this challenge.

Just say yes to the challenge and be an answer to youth unemployment.

Mentoring is a skill that leaders and organisations can choose to activate and act on through their yes. It helps, and it can make a huge difference, because you are not only imparting valuable knowledge and information, you are going beyond and even giving them career guidance and experiences, also teaching them how to conduct themselves. This guidance then helps bridge the gap between education and employment, making the transition smoother for youth.

While at it, entrepreneurship is the root we should always make part of our teaching and simple conversations. Why? Entrepreneurship is part of personal growth, economic growth, and it also helps create jobs, fostering innovation in the industry and field tackled. In this way you are supporting the youth.

Don’t shy away from supporting youth initiatives that incorporate youth ideas, youth led businesses, youth art and creative projects, as well as their social enterprises. When you support these initiatives, you actually support most of them to become entrepreneurs. For example, five customers consistently buying art from an artist may mean he is able to have a stable salary and probably hire a personal assistant in. Never underestimate the power of saving one person.

This is also a corporate responsibility, where corporations offer internships, apprenticeships, and entry-level positions to the job seekers. They can also invest in workforce development programs that enhance the employability of youth. Take charge, say yes to one of these.

What will you and your organization be doing to make sure you are an answer to the unemployment challenge that is in our country? You can share with us below…

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