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You should have given that subject more attention

By Temo Mpodi

by Tia

There is always that one least-liked subject at school, just that one. If you can’t relate you were probably a bookworm or a prodigy, you were intellectually attractive and stimulating to the minds and eyes of teachers, no questions about that. As we grow older, we all realize we should have gathered our attention to a certain subject that we never knew we needed.

Looking at the transformation in your life, where education has thrown you at, or at least where you have chosen to be, you realize you needed this one subject to merge it with the innovative skills and nudges to deliver the best at your workspace or in the respective field you are in. Never underestimate the power of foundations and small beginnings. To show up organically with built-up knowledge from school and strategies that have well-versed foundations is vital.

Sometimes you don’t need to be a star whiz at that subject even to accomplish much, just stirred confidence, studying time and again, and fixing your eyes on the prize can get you far. That subject for scientists was Science and Mathematics, of which that group takes school a lot more seriously, to be honest. I probably needed to focus more on art, Creative Studies, and English looking at where I am at the moment. Art for creativity, because Art will always transcend beyond any field’s walls, creative studies for creativity.

I believe we are living in a generation that understands these basics and is finding what intrigues them at an early age, building and finding what adds to what they are keen on in a positive way. Having supportive parents and a community that has a better understanding of the demeanor behind this, sets up the young ones for a win. They also have access to tools and kits that can build their craft way before the University level.

Allow your light to shine as a student and choose your path.

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