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Think Tank launches vCampus – revolutionising digital learning and collaboration

by Tia

Think Tank, a visionary technology solutions and social enterprise company is proud to announce the launch of vCampus, a cutting-edge digital learning platform designed to cater to individuals, universities, and businesses across diverse industry verticals.

vCampus – a paradigm shift in education

Representing a transformative wave in the education sector, vCampus provides the intersection where digital technology meets the thirst for knowledge and skill enhancement. It offers a unique ecosystem for two essential roles: content creators and learners.

Content creators, often subject matter experts in their respective fields, can now partner with vCampus to share their expertise with the world. The platform facilitates content hosting, marketing, and a revenue-based compensation model. On the flip side, learners gain access to a vast array of educational content to enrich their skills and knowledge, in their own time and at their own pace.

Founder’s vision – a future of inclusive education

Tebogo Moleta, Founder and MD of Think Tank, emphasised the company’s vision, stating, “At Think Tank, we believe in the power of accessible and inclusive education. vCampus is a testament to our commitment to revolutionising the learning experience, empowering individuals, universities and businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.”

Key features of vCampus: pioneering digital education

  • Content Diversity: vCampus will cover an extensive, always growing range of topics and industries, making it accessible and relevant to anyone, regardless of their field of interest.
  • Customisation for businesses: Organisations can easily create a customised account within minutes, complete with their branding, turning vCampus into a white-label learning solution for their employee training and upskilling.
  • Flexible subscriptions: Users can opt for free accounts or choose from various subscription levels (bronze, silver, gold) to suit their preferences and needs.
  • Partnerships with educational content creators and learning organisations: Think Tank collaborates with social media influencers, celebrities and learning organisations to ensure maximum visibility, exposure and engagement for the content creators and their courses on the vCampus.
  • Revenue sharing model: Organisations can partner with Think Tank to publish their existing courses on vCampus completely free of charge and share profits through a revenue-sharing model, providing a cost-effective way to reach a broader audience.
  • Subject matter experts can also create their own course content, and benefit from the monetisation thereof.
  • Interactive, immersive learning: vCampus offers a gamification module, encouraging active participation and learning engagement and content is delivered in digestible chunks that can be slotted in around other work and life commitments.
  • Easy registration process: Individuals can easily register, providing essential details such as name, email, educational background, and proof of expertise to become content creators. A lack of formal qualifications, however, will not be an impediment to sharing one’s expertise and knowledge with others.
  • Quality assurance: The platform ensures that the content meets minimum guidelines before approval, maintaining high-quality educational standards.
  • Ongoing development: vCampus continues to evolve, with plans to introduce additional features such as trending courses and top-rated courses, enhancing user experience and content visibility.

Joining the educational revolution

Think Tank is dedicated to democratising education, showcasing this commitment through vCampus, an online platform accessible worldwide, ensuring world-class educational opportunities reach South Africa and beyond. vCampus offers flexible learning, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace, which is ideal for those seeking career growth or upskilling while juggling full-time work. Moreover, Think Tank integrates e-commerce features into vCampus, enabling content creators and influencers to monetise their expertise and products, fostering economic growth and entrepreneurship. As a committed partner in learning, Think Tank welcomes collaboration with businesses, individuals, and higher learning institutions, tailoring solutions to meet diverse educational needs. With strategic partnerships, unwavering innovation, and a focus on addressing skills gaps, Think Tank stands as a leader in the skills development and training sector, poised to shape a brighter future for education.

Moleta further emphasised, “Our mission is to bridge gaps and enable learning that knows no boundaries. We invite everyone, from enterprises to individuals, to join this educational revolution, where learning is not just relevant but truly empowering.”

To register for early access, please visit https://form.jotform.com/232013579353555

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