by Tia

Welcome to the new age. This is probably something that many years ago, only a few people thought of and saw coming. The world is constantly changing and evolving, and we just need to be open to what the world presents, and what the future holds.

Many institutions introduced remote learning tersely amid the covid-19 breakdown. Remote learning came in abruptly due to the break of covid-19, although many institutions were already into it. According to the Director of Centre for Innovation Learning and Training (CILT) at University of Cape Town, Laura Czerniewicz touching on it at the time, she mentioned that the move to remote teaching was unusually rapid. There was no time for the usual deliberate course design or online teaching strategies.

Remote learning gives time for strategic planning, and tracking systems can be put in place to support this, helping both the teacher and student to stay in track of their work, while being effective. No pressure. You are doing this at your own pace but just making sure everything is delivered, intended to both the teacher and students. With all these though, there must be clarity of assignments and activities, with clear directions and a helpful plan.

Whilst remote learning gives teachers and students the chance to work from home, many people have found it to be ineffective yielding the opposite results of what they anticipate, more especially towards early childhood development, primary and middle school ages.

With people still learning the technological market, tech issues are a distraction. The difficulties encountered during the lessons can disrupt the learning process. Admittedly enough, social media has become a distraction to many, but there are others who are using it to their advantage learning. This is also the time to have a popular learning social media platform, as popular as clogged social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, X formerly known as Twitter. Hello developers!!

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