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STADIO partners with international institutions to host the inaugural ShiftXChange conference

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South African private higher education institution, STADIO (part of the JSE-listed higher STADIO Holdings Ltd), in partnership with Middlesex University in Mauritius and Business Mauritius, will host the inaugural ShiftXChange conference from 26 – 30 August 2024. The theme of the conference is “Leadership in the digital era: a praxis-based approach”.

Business schools have a front-row seat to the shifts in rapidly evolving work environments, and the ShiftXChange partners are bringing conversations about the challenges and opportunities around organisational leadership in this context into shared spaces. 

The Conference brings together academic and business partners, participants and speakers around the theme of leadership in the new world of work which is being marked by seismic technological shifts and digitalisation.  The Conference aims to foster in-depth discussions, interdisciplinary collaborations and knowledge-sharing among scholars, practitioners, and industry leaders. Dr Truida Oostuizen, Head of School for Administration and Management at STADIO, says, “The conference will provide a platform for exploring innovative strategies, best practices and emerging theories related to leadership effectiveness, organisational dynamics, talent management and workplace innovation.”  It will further shine an intentional light on the use, implementation and application of responsible technologies, as leaders grapple with new and revised policies and frameworks that must be implemented to address the changes being wrought by the use of technology in the working environment.

Truida Oostuizen

“We are committed to helping our business and academic communities promote ethical and responsible leadership in the context of technological advancements, sustainability challenges and the evolving role of leaders in today’s fast-paced world,” she adds.

The conference will be a hybrid event, with delegates able to join in person in Mauritius, or via online platforms.

The keynote speakers at the event will include industrial psychologist Professor Anton Grobler, a constitutional and human rights lawyer, Avani Singh, whose work has a local, Continental and global focus on media freedom, digital rights, and emerging technologies, e-learning expert Stephen Murgatroyd, academic and business leader Vincent Maphai, ethics professor and Academic Dean of the Globethics Academy, Dr Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué, Business Mauritius CEO Kevin Ramkaloan, and internationally respected speaker, consultant, teacher and author Brad Huddleston best known for his book Digital Cocaine.

Networking and learning opportunities

The conference will provide a platform for delegates to engage in workshops, presentations and discussions aimed at enhancing their skills and staying updated on industry trends. Two significant workshops precede the conference setting the tone for the Conference deliberations – the first sharing models on responsible leadership and the second, working with participants to build responsive and responsible policies and frameworks for the workplace characterised by technology systems, platforms and internal and external communications.    

Networking will be a key aspect of the conference, offering attendees the opportunity to connect with peers and experts from various institutions and business organisations. Attendees can look forward to the chance to engage with their peers, exchange ideas and contribute to the collective body of knowledge in their field. The experiences gained at the conference will not only benefit individual attendees but will also support the ongoing growth of the fields of business education and organisational leadership.  These interactions often lead to collaborations and partnerships of mutual benefit.

In addition to networking, the conference will be a platform where new and evolving practical tools and strategies to improve teaching, research, business, and administrative practices are shared. Education and industry experts will have the opportunity to share their research findings and showcase their expertise, and good practices, opportunities, and challenges.  Fail forward … and let’s learn from one another!   

Partnership between STADIO and Middlesex University

The partnership between STADIO and Middlesex University aims to promote collaboration on various fronts, including curriculum development, research initiatives, and academic enrichment activities. As part of the memorandum of understanding between these two leading SADC educational institutions, an immediate outcome was the proposal for an academic conference designed to ignite and sustain meaningful dialogues within the academic community, which birthed the ShiftXChange event this coming August.

“One of the many things rapid advancements in technology have shown us is just how much we are connected across different parts of the world. STADIO’s involvement in international collaboration signifies our commitment to fostering global engagement, enhancing academic quality, and preparing students for success,” says Oostuizen.

The collaboration between STADIO and Middlesex University will extend beyond the conference, with plans for an ongoing partnership, joint research projects and academic development initiatives. “Through this collaborative endeavour, both institutions aim to leverage our respective expertise, resources and networks to advance scholarship, enhance educational experiences and contribute positively to the academic and professional communities we serve,” says Oostuizen.

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