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St Peter’s College students shine as school marks another successful academic year, a new Chair of the Council and open admissions for 2025/2026

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Diversity in leadership positions is absolutely critical in South Africa and young professionals from all walks of life have an important role to play. Paving the way for promising individuals, St Peter’s College in Johannesburg celebrated a 100% Pass Rate and 258 Subject Distinctions for its matric class of 2023.

These results are among the school’s recent successes, including appointing St Peter’s College Council’s first female Chair, Parmi Natesan.

St Peter’s College has positioned itself as a hub of talent, culture, and community engagement, contributing to its reputation as a dynamic and inclusive educational institution.

“We hope to instil the right tools and values in our students so that they are ready to tackle the world outside St Peter’s College, says Headmaster, Rui Morais. “At our core, we place four values above all else; resilience, responsibility, respect and relationships, shaping positive character building in our students.”

“Our country and the rest of the world needs problem solvers and innovators to face the challenges and grab the opportunities to come,” adds newly appointed Chair, Parmi Natesan.  “Having two children at the school myself, my hope is for St Peter’s College to produce talented and forward-thinking young citizens who can compete on a global scale.”

Among top matriculants last year, Kathryn Bowes, awarded the Dux Scholar and IEB Outstanding Achievement accolades, has praised the school for her experience.

“St Peter’s College provided me with a safe and supportive environment to grow, explore my interests and develop sincere, diverse and lasting relationships. The extensive offering of sports and cultural activities meant that I found a loving home in the dance department as a welcome break from the academic schedule. I hope to carry my memories and lessons with me as I embark on my next journey towards becoming a Chartered Accountant,” Bowes says.

The stellar list of successful “Old Petrians” boasts psychologists, referees, producers, sportsmen and women, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs. “Additionally, quite a few of our alumni have shared their expertise overseas through competing in international sporting events or making headlines with their academic achievements,” Morais adds.

St Peter’s College distinguishes itself from other private schools through its holistic offering, integrating academics with a co-educational environment and Anglican Christian values.

“The admissions process on a first come basis, without entrance exams, reflects a commitment to uncovering and nurturing the potential in every student,” says Morais.

St Peter’s College has dedicated teachers and staff cultivating a supportive and personalised learning environment, providing a range of academic and sports programs to cater to various student interests and talents.

Admissions are open and filling up quickly for 2025 and 2026, and the next Open Day takes place on 29 February 2024, providing prospective students and their families the opportunity to explore the facilities, discover the school’s events, and to meet faculty.

St Peter’s College hosts annual water polo, T20 cricket, and basketball tournaments during the half-term break, while the largest Sport and Cultural Festival of its kind in South Africa takes place in September. Open to the public, the sporting, cultural and artistic talents within the school community can be shared broadly and attract a wide audience of sports and cultural enthusiasts, and music lovers alike.

“These events not only showcase the achievements of the school but also foster a sense of pride and unity among students, staff, and the broader community,” adds Morais.

Conveniently located in Sunninghill in Johannesburg, the campus is central and has students from all around the country, as well as from other countries such as Zimbabwe, China and Malawi.

“Being recognised for our diversity, we instill a sense of belonging at our school, regardless of background, and we welcome national and international students,” Morais concludes. 

If you unable to attend the school’s Open Day or annual events but would like more information, please contact the admissions department on 011 807 5315 or admissions@stpeterscollege.co.za.

Visit the website: https://www.stpeters.co.za/

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