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Fit For Learning: Boosting Higher Education with the Right EduTech Solutions

by Media Xpose

Acer helps educators and learners get the most from a comprehensive range of technology solutions.

Johannesburg, South Africa 31 July 2023: Education’s delivery grows as technology advances. Skills around artificial intelligence have joined the demand for coders, designers, engineers, technicians and scientists. Technology competency and advantages are inseparable from successful careers. Fortunately, technology is also helping elevate education and make modern learning more accessible. The right device in the right hands can make all the difference, which is the priority of Acer for Education.

During the last week of July, Acer supported the Higher Education Information Technology South Africa (HEITSA)’s conference, a gathering of education experts to experience and discuss the opportunities between learning and technology. The event allowed Acer to promote and advance the use and support of computing in education.

“Acer’s goal is to bring evolving technologies to schools and institutes to foster meaningful, inclusive, and inspiring educational experiences, hence the involvement,” says Renasha Papiah, Commercial Manager and Education Lead at Acer South Africa. “We care about local tertiary education and the goals set by HEITSA, because the next generation of innovators, game changers and professional leaders are sitting in today’s college and university classrooms. HEITSA has the platform that allows us to display our comprehensive edutech framework where technology, resources, solutions, training materials, best-in-class services, and partnerships intertwine, coexist and flourish.”

Higher education and digital devices have become inseparable. Even a decade ago, half of campus students in the United States reported using their smartphones for classwork (Educause). By 2020, four out of five students reported connecting two or more devices to campus Wi-Fi daily. Eighty-one percent of tertiary learners primarily used laptops (Educause). The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the trend, and tertiary institutions rapidly adopted connectivity and edutech community-building tools to great impact (McKinsey).

Devices are already part of the tertiary education experience—the challenge is getting everyone to enjoy those advantages.

To accomplish this goal, Acer for Education provides a range of innovative services and devices. We help South African educators, learners, and institutions select the best end-user technologies. Acer offers insight, support and training through the Acer Academy & Community for Teachers, our partner network, and technology solutions tailored to higher learning and K12 learning.

Acer Spatial Labs™

SpatialLabs™ breaks the boundaries of visualisation by bringing advanced three-dimensional imagery into a family of different monitors. It provides cutting-edge visual immersion—perfect for aspiring designers, engineers, technicians and anyone who wants to inspect three-dimensional information natively on their screen. Tertiary institutions are already getting the most from this groundbreaking technology: Kanagawa Dental University in Japan uses Acer’s ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition laptops to enhance dental education, helping students and patients grasp complicated concepts.

Acer Travelmate Laptops

Today’s laptops must be sturdy, affordable, and ready to support different roles. Business consumers expect such features, but they are vital for tertiary education. Acer’s Travelmate laptops are designed for professionals, featuring a lightweight yet durable chassis with long-lasting battery life, ample security features, and the modern conveniences of a workhorse device. Malaysia’s City University provides Travelmate laptops to its students because of these features as well as Acer’s cloud-based tools for administrators.

Acer Chromebooks

Google Chromebooks are lightweight, secure and affordable devices that boot in seconds, and work online and offline. They are ideal for students on the go, offering all-day battery performance, several connectivity options, and numerous background administration and management tools. A major German university used Acer Chromebook 514 devices to run electronic exams. The exam team ready the examination and devices in just 90 minutes, and learners accessed the tests via a locked, internal Wi-Fi 6 network, using Google guest passes to verify themselves.

These examples join many others to demonstrate how Acer for Education supports K12 and higher learning institutions, teachers and learners. Beyond our devices, Acer also offers learning platforms, educational resources, and dedicated people who work with our customers to determine the best solutions. Our belief is: Inspire daily, Learn always.

“Each academic path has its unique needs. We work on a ‘fit for purpose’ solution, making sure you find the most suitable device for teaching students with our broad portfolio of Windows-based notebooks and Chromebooks. We collaborate with leading companies; we offer learning and management solutions as well as best-in-class STEAM tools aimed at transforming the school experience,” says Papiah.

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