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Christel House SA to open a new High School

by Tia

Christel House South Africa, a non-profit school, which offers no-fee scholarships to students from some of Cape Town’s most under-resourced neighbourhoods, has announced a significant milestone in its expansion plans. Recognising the pressing need for more High Schools in the Western Cape and the imperative for educational equity nationwide, Christel House SA’s first expansion project is a new High School at their existing campus in Ottery in 2025.

This expansion will be phased, starting with two Grade 8 classes in 2025. Christel House South Africa will continue recruiting Grade 8 students every subsequent year, filling the new High School in the coming years.  While construction occurs, temporary classrooms will deliver the quality and holistic education model that Christel House is synonymous with.

“The expansion of a high school on our existing campus allows us to leverage the shared resources available. However, it’s more than just erecting a new High School – we are laying the groundwork for a brighter future for generations to come. We know that the Christel House model delivers social impact, and it is our moral imperative to grow and provide opportunities to more youth in our communities,” stated Adri Marais, Chief Executive Officer at Christel House South Africa.

Christel House SA opened in 2001 and is one of nine Christel House schools worldwide. The school in Ottery supports students for 19 years (Grade RR to Grade 12 and five years post-matric) through character-based and career-focused education, coupled with essential poverty mitigation services such as daily transportation, professional healthcare, nutritious meals, psychosocial counselling, college and career planning and support and so much more. Over the years, the institution has nurtured successful graduates, with an impressive 97% of Christel House South Africa alumni studying, working or doing both.

Christel House South Africa is actively seeking Grade 7 students from the class of 2024 to enroll in the High School in 2025. Prospective students are required to meet specific eligibility criteria, including demonstrating financial need. Parents or guardians of interested applicants can find more information and application forms on the school’s website: sa.christelhouse.org.

With a strategic vision to establish three new schools within the next five years, Christel House South Africa aligns its expansion efforts with that of Christel House International. On a global level, expanding the number of Christel House institutions in current and new countries is a strategic priority. Founded in 1998 by the esteemed businesswoman, community leader, and philanthropist, Christel DeHaan, Christel House International has championed educational empowerment on a global scale.

“Christel House International has committed to contributing a portion of the funding required to construct the new school. While we are incredibly grateful, we are still actively seeking additional partnerships with like-minded organisations to support us on this journey,” comments Marais.

The expansion project will require collaboration and support from partners and the entire Christel House SA community. Partnerships ensure effective, holistic, long-term, sustainable development. For more information on how to contribute or get involved, please contact Keri Francis, Executive: Fundraising and Marketing, at 021 704 9407 or kfrancis@sa.christelhouse.org.

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