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Unlock your potential with Foster-Melliar eLearning solutions

by Media Xpose

The way we do business has changed rapidly in the last two years, but has your approach to upskilling and learning kept up? Suddenly, even the most basic tasks like holding a meeting require a technological solution, and training and upskilling are not different. Since we can’t meet in a physical classroom easily, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunities that online learning presents.

With online learning, you can:

  • onboard employees faster.
  • upskill your entire workforce.
  • keep employees productive.
  • accelerate career development; and
  • develop managers and leaders.

Thanks to the innovative Foster-Melliar Online LMS, you get to do skills development in a way that works for you and for your business. With over 1 000 user-friendly eLearning courses to choose from, Foster-Melliar gives you the tools to upskill in a huge range of topics, like workplace safety, digital marketing and even public speaking.

Plus, Foster-Melliar’s productivity courses cover everything from basic Microsoft Office 365 training to complex IT management and ITIL 4 certification. When you choose to learn with Foster-Melliar, you enjoy an affordable subscription-based pricing model and you can even create your own unique lessons for your own organisations, with all the customisation you need and branding to make them look professional.

All our online courses qualify for skills development, supplier development and socio-economic development for your B-BBEE scorecard.

Beat youth unemployment through Learnerships and boost your BEE scorecard!

Learnerships are developed by industry for the industry.

Delegates begin their journey with our Personal Mastery programme. Here, they learn how to practice self-awareness, self-management, and self-learning, and receive career guidance. We want individuals to feel enthusiastic and optimistic when it comes to exploring their career opportunities. By fostering the right mindset, encourage individuals to purposefully live and work towards their own vision and become the best versions of themselves.

There is also an increased return on investment when implementing training initiatives. Not only are there BEE benefits, but there are:

  • Higher returns from the Skills Levy and investment in training, due to transfer of learning to the job.
  • Increased grant disbursements from Skills Levy contributions.
  • Tax Incentives: SARS offers companies attractive tax incentives for participating in Learnerships.

Contact Foster-Melliar on + 27 (0)11 807 9525 or email info@fostermelliar.co.za

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